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ACF and focus on cross-border financing


American Capital Financial Group (ACF), a financing company based in Miami, Florida has been in the industry for over 15 years.  ACF prides themselves in the business of Cross-Border financing and by truly identifying a gap in the market for cross border financing for a complex financial platform to fit the needs of our clients.

“Our main focus is to assist our clients in growing their enterprises by providing efficient solutions to specific challenges and working side-by-side to guarantee they reach their targeted objectives.” Said Juan Carlos Zurita, ACF, President.

One of our latest deals is a $7M USD transaction with a Mexican client in the auto industry. This client has been in the business for over 10 years and has been thriving in the last years in the growing Queretaro market selling and manufacturing auto parts to AAA clients. This has helped our client grow, not only in the auto industry but moving into the electronics, appliances and agricultural sectors.

The company has grown to a new integrated production where the company purchases raw materials such as steel and aluminum, and uses its own equipment and factory to stamp, laser cut, bend, paint, and assemble the metal pieces. It then exports each piece to their respective client. As of today, the loan is expected to reach $10M by the end of 2019 in a way to expand on their contracts with existing clients which every month keep growing and with new clients.

We believe there are many other businesses like these in the International markets and we will like to reach all these excellent transactions to help our clients grow in their industry.  ACF is now also an approved lender of the EXIM bank and is working on various deals for the export of US goods to the international markets. ACF, as a seasoned and very experienced team, we are always looking for opportunities to expand and grow on cross border financing and always being innovative in our platform structures.

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