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Supplier Credit

A transaction in which ACF finances the raw material subject to a purchase order. ACF pays its customer's supplier anywhere in the world up to 100% of the Purchase Order.

The client has 120 days to complete the processes. Supply chain financing, also known as "reverse factoring," is a type of financing that enables suppliers to obtain prompt payment from customers.

  • Negotiate better terms with suppliers
  • Mitigate country risk
  • Increase inventory rotation
  • Attend new markets
  • Increase sales


In this transaction, the client transfers his invoices to ACF so that it is in charge of managing the collection. You can access up to 90% advance on those accounts receivable and thus convert long-term sales into cash sales. When final buyers pay, ACF will transfer the difference to the customer immediately.

Within the product offering, ACF specializes in national and international factoring with the interest of helping small companies finance B2B operations. Abroad, the strongest is that of the emerging markets of Latin America as they require financing facilities for their exports to the US and Europe.

  • Increased Cash Flow
  • Faster growth
  • Combat Seasonality
  • Flexibility
  • Evaluation of Debtors
  • Monitoring of Payment Dates

Asset Based Lending

This transaction is a combination of both products for pre- and post-exports and imports. ACF will implement a certified debt base in relation to the assets of the client's company, usually in the form of inventory or accounts receivable. Depending on the type of asset, the percentage of the advance is defined.

ACF may use the following collateral for the loan including but not limited to: accounts receivable, inventory, purchase orders, and real estate. You will also structure the loan with your top advisers to benefit your liquidity needs.

  • Revolving line
  • Fast funding
  • A loan that is made to fit your needs
  • Growth Financing
  • Operating Cash

Medium-Term Financing

This product is aimed at Latin American importers who will have access to medium-term financing lines, between 5 and 7 years, for the acquisition of equipment abroad, guaranteeing security and agility, as well as an immediate flow of capital.

  • Financing SBE
  • Locally competitive interest rates
  • Transactions insured with commercial and credit insurance
  • Coverage of purchases abroad of capital goods
  • Increase assets of the company