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Fishing and Seafood Industry

With more than 100 operations benefiting the fishing and Seafood industry, ACF is a great ally for its growth throughout Latin America and the United States since 2005.

The Seafood industry is one of the most important economically worldwide. The largest production comes from the sea, where each country has an exclusive area for sailing and fishing. This industry benefits human consumption and also serves as a raw material.


Since 2020, the growth of the agricultural sector represents a 3% in the world economy and ACF is part of this continued growth.

ACF has done its part in this growth and through its services and easy access to financing, it has contributed to its constant expansion throughout the world, especially from companies located in Central America.


ACF has financed more than $ 20 million to the automotive industry through their various lending products, helping automotive importers to extend and expand their operations around the world.ACF through their products has managed to position itself as a reliable company and a strategic ally for the sector, favoring its imports mainly in the LATAM territory.

Medical Equipment

The medical industry is constantly evolving due to the search and incorporation of materials and technology for its improvement. In the last two years, due to the current health situation, its production has been accelerating and ACF has committed to financing the distribution of medical equipment worldwide.

ACF has financed the purchase of medical equipment to LATAM since 2007 approving more than 100M loans.

Energy Industry

Commodities such as diesel fuel, gas and other products that are traded in the markets require working capital to fund purchases and sales as well as industry specific energy firms that provide services or parts and equipment have been financed by ACF.

Aviation Industry

This dynamic and ever changing industry, has an extensive chain of players, from suppliers of parts for engines, landing gear, avionics and other equipment, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO’s) shops of which Southeast Florida is an important hub for servicing worldwide demand and needs to distributors and exporters of aircraft from the U.S. to other regions who require financing to fund purchases and sales. ACF’s principals have extensive expertise in funding these needs.

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