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8 de May de 2024

Commodities, products that are easily exchanged worldwide

Commodities are basic products for the world economy due to their easy exchange in the global market. A commodity, a term used primarily in the financial or commercial context, is […]
8 de May de 2024

Honduras, the country of many key industries

Coffee, bananas, shrimp, avocados and textiles are some of the most important products that Honduras exports to the world. However, the main destinations are the United States, Germany, […]
8 de May de 2024

The Ecuadorian pitahaya on the way to conquer the Asian market

Pitahaya, also known as dragon fruit, is a tropical fruit that is grown in several Latin American countries, including Ecuador. Since 2023, after the export of Ecuadorian pitahaya […]
8 de May de 2024

American Capital Financial present at Expocomer 2024

At this year’s edition of the Expocomer fair held in Panama in March, American Capital Financial was present, with Dahiana Cevallos as a representative. Their attendance at the […]
8 de May de 2024

Consumption of freeze-dried fruits and vegetables increases in Europe

Freeze drying is the dehydration process used to preserve foods and other products. It consists of freezing the material at a very low temperature and removing […]
24 de April de 2024

Financial tips for exporting and importing

The growing globalization and therefore, the economic interdependence between countries, markets and industries have given rise to a notable expansion of international trade. Factors such as economic […]
24 de April de 2024

Colombia’s most important exports

Crude oil, coffee, gold and flowers are some of Colombia’s most exported products and those that have most conquered foreign markets. The United States, Panama, China, […]
24 de April de 2024

How to improve your fishing activity?

Sustainability is the way. In this and all industries, however, fishing activity is becoming essential since the proportion of the overexploited fish category continues to be […]
3 de April de 2024

Non-traditional agriculture and the mining sector, the key industries for Peru’s exports

Lima es la principal ciudad exportadora del Perú. Dado que el país cuenta con 3.080 kilómetros de costa y una gran cantidad de puertos, el 91% […]